Stop Work used immediately will prevent injury today!

Everyone has a RESPONSIBILITY to use Stop Work

Harvey Gulf has well established Stop Work Authority (SWA) for all vessel, company, visitor, and contractors when on our work sites. It is our policy and expectation that all employees will stop any job no matter how large whenever there is a doubt that an injury, environmental risk, or asset damage could occur. By using Stop Work we can prevent someone from getting injured or causing damage to assets or the environment. 

Every employee has the authority and responsibility to use STOP WORK!

Harvey Gulf has an aggressive expansion of our Stop Work program. Stop Work training is continual with all crew members, Stop Work Authority is given to all crew members and Shore Based employees, and Stop Work includes all visitors and vendors.

A Near Miss reported today will prevent an injury tomorrow!

Everyone has an OBLIGATION to report all Near Misses


It is our policy and expectation that all Near Misses will be reported immediately. All Near Misses are investigated by the Safety Department and a risk assessment is conducted in order to mitigate any future reoccurrence. Significant Near Misses are shared with all crew by a Safety Alert. Captains share learnings with crew members during the safety stand down in order to prevent the incident from occurring on their vessel.

In 2008 Harvey Gulf expanded Near Miss reporting and encouraged more participation by giving away an embroidered Harvey Gulf jacket each quarter for the best Near Miss. In 2008 Near Miss reporting increased 357 percent compared to the previous year. Harvey Gulf will continue giving away the jackets in 2009 and has a goal of increasing Near Miss reporting by another 10 percent.