Designed For Safety & Performance

identity and advantage of our vessels

ACP-ACCU Certification

Three of our vessels were the first certified as ACCU in the Gulf of Mexico and provides enhanced fire control and increased number of fire alarms as well as extra redundancy of mechanical and electrical components

Deck Safety Equipment

Twice as many cargo tie downs as most competitors, two cargo winches to assist in moving or securing cargo, Safe Haven shelters for crew safety, Rescue Zone for rescue operations, 100-ton hydraulically operated quick release mooring hooks, foredeck mooring winch suitable for extended mooring periods

Enhanced Crew Accommadations

Spacious quarters with television sets, private quarters for Captain and Engineer, modern and premium equipment in kitchen and common areas, and premium audio-visual equipment for crew retention and relaxation

Customized Fuel Management System

Integrated fuel management system that continuously monitors the main engine fuel burn and calculates an efficiency factor based on real time operations. Allow the customer to operate at the most economical speed that saves on fuel and cost as well as reduces the environment impact.