Harvey Gulf is the first and only U.S. Vessel operator to own and operate offshore support vessels that operate exclusively on liquefied natural gas.

ENVIRO+, Green Passport Certification by the ABS

In addition to being powered by cleaner burning natural gas, the vessels will achieve “ENVIRO+, Green Passport” Certification by the ABS. The requirements for this certification include, among others, that the vessels be continuously manned with a certified Environmental Officer, be completely constructed with certified environmentally friendly materials, and have advanced alarms for fuel tanks and containment systems. Along with Harvey Gulf’s other vessels under construction, they will be the first OSV’s to achieve this certification, making them the most environmental friendly OSV’s in Gulf of Mexico. 

Harvey Gulf continues its commitment to environmental protection by becoming the first to build U.S.A. flagged vessel that can run entirely on natural gas. These vessels will meet the highest emissions standards that exist today and even higher standards that haven’t been created yet. Harvey Gulf recognizes the strong stance on environmental protection by the administration in the wake of the oil spill and are doing our part to respond to it and provide our customers support for their environmental commitments.


In 2015, Harvey Gulf completed construction of the first LNG marine fueling facility in the North America, which is located at its dock facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana. This technologically-advanced, environmentally-safe clean energy facility is a critical component to the growing LNG supply infrastructure, supporting key operations of the oil and gas industry’s offshore vessel fleet. Expanding on its commitment to safety and security of vessel operations and port facilities, Harvey Gulf actively enlisted the expertise of the United State Coast Guard participate at all levels of the development and construction of this facility.


The facility consists of 270,000 gallons of LNG storage capacity, encompassed within three stainless steel type ‘C’ pressure vessels with vacuum insulation and carbon steel exteriors. The facility can transfer 550 gallons of LNG per minute, and aside from its primary role of supporting the offshore oil and gas industry, is capable of supporting over-the-road vehicles that operate on LNG. Over the last five years, Harvey Gulf has successfully completed more than [650 facility to vessel transfers], transferring nearly 20 million gallons of LNG, and is widely considered the pioneer in North America regarding LNG bunkering.


Harvey Gulf is focused to remain an industry leader in the nation’s growth towards LNG and cleaner burning fuels. The Company’s dual fuel LNG vessels exceed the highest emission standards in the industry today, and LNG fueling facility further solidifies Harvey’s commitment to develop and utilize the safest, most environmentally-friendly vessels and fuel technology available today.