Headquartered in the Energy corridor, Houston Tx. with a full service operations shore base facility in Port Fourchon, Louisiana, capable of Managing, contracting and engineering projects, utilizing our Jones act compliant fleet. We provide all services surrounding the IRM and Construction, which includes but, not limited to, Jumper installation, Subsea component swap out, PLETS, Umbilicals, UTA and Flying leads. decommissioning, hydrate remediation utilizing Harvey owned equipment, well stimulation, flowline stimulation and flushing


  • IRM- Inspection Repair and Maintenance
  • Project Management and Engineering-procedural development and review, project execution and final reporting requirements, FEED studies
  • Complete dock services
  • Jones act fleet of support vessels (OSV’S)
  • Survey and Mapping
  • Construction and Installation-Jumpers, subsea component swap outs, subsea trees, PLETS, Umbilicals, UTA, Flying leads
  • Decommissioning-Recovery of debris, sampling, flushing, dredging
  • 15K Well stimulation
  • Open water coiled tubing
  • Flowline remediation
  • Flowline Flushing ROV skid
  • Flowline Flushing DCTR
  • Hydrate remediation utilizing ROV skid
  • Pre-commissioning
  • Completions
  • Hydrate Remediation
  • Subsea Field Support Operations
  • Vessel based umbilical installation
  • Pipeline repair
  • Pipeline Hot taps


Able to perform feed studies, procedures and, work with customers to manage projects from inception to completion. HGSS in House expertise that can  Manage your jumper fabrication, Hydraulic well stimulation and Hydrate remediation projects including ROV skid and Flowline remediations.


Harvey has a track record in the industry on operating a fleet of Jones act compliant vessels with an impeccable safety record and, a maintenance standard that is not compromised regardless of market conditions, The 4 vessels that will compromise HGSS will be the Deep sea 165T, Intervention 165T, Blue Seay, 250T and the Subsea 250T, Harvey also has, at it’s disposal, a fleet of Jones act OSV’S that can be utilized to support our projects. The vessel, have been involved in many ranges of projects over the years and are considered work horses due to their design and capabilities. We understand that the vessel is only 1 facet of an operation, the people that support these projects are critical to the efficient and safe operations, that is why Harvey has put together a team of industry experts that are well rounded and, have the proven Engineering and Operational experience to succeed.


With our well rounded team of experts combined with 4 of the finest vessels in the GOM, we are confident that we will be able to supply many options to customers that will be both economically and operationally in a great position to be market leaders.


  • Construction and Installation-Jumpers, subsea component swap outs, subsea trees, PLETS, Umbilicals, UTA, Flying leads
  • Inspections of Pipelines, Hulls, Platforms and complete UWILD’S


HGSS project team will manage all your well service needs combining our in House equipment combined with our strategic exclusivity with partners.

  • 15 well stimulation utilizing open water coil tubing
  • Hydrate and Flowline remediation
  • Flowline flushing with DCTRA


-Flowline Flushing with ROV based skids

-Flowline flush with DCTRA

-Recovery of Debris, pipeline and Umbilicals. Plets and Manifolds


Equipment stored and maintained in Port Fourchon for easy mobilization.

-500T VLS

-complete reel drive systems

-spreader bars and Chutes as needed.