TABS - Behavior-Based Safety Program:
Harvey Gulf has implemented a Behavior-Based Observation program called TABS (Taking Aim at Behaving Safely) and Hazard Hunt program. It was created as part of our initiative of taking aim at Target Zero. This program involves each employee staying alert for possible safety concerns while working and completing a TABS/hazard Hunt forms in the event he or she observes some behavior or circumstance creating a potential hazard.

We require each employee to turn in a minimum of five (5) TABS and five (5) Hazard Hunts per quarter. As part of the program, every employee, whether land based, or a crew member, is able to earn a quarterly bonus of $500.00 with an additional $500.00 bonus at the end of the year by completing five (5) TABS and five (5) Hazard Hunts per quarter. Employees have the opportunity of receiving a total of $2500.00 each year by working safe, ensuring hazards are identified and removed from the worksite. To qualify for the quarterly Safety Bonus, each employee must attend all safety meetings and training, turn in the required five (5) TABS and five (5) Hazard Hunts per quarter, and not be involved in any major incident, recordable or LTA injury or environmental event.

Prizes such as caps, hard-hats, mugs, and t-shirts are also given each quarter to the employees turning in the most significant TABS. At the annual Safety Awards Banquet, all employees who received all Safety Bonuses during the year are entered into a drawing. At the end of 2008, Captain Roddy Dufrene of the Harvey Viking was selected in the drawing and received a new Kawasaki four-wheeler. At the end of 2009, two $5,000 cash rewards will be given in two separate drawings.