Harvey Gulf is proud to recognize Captain Buddy Toups for leading the crew and vessel, Harvey Titan, and achieving Target Zero (No Recordable Injury or Loss Time Accident) for five (5) consecutive years.

Harvey Gulf is equally proud to recognize Captain Perry "Buster" Rich for leading the crew and vessel, Harvey Explorer, and achieving Target Zero (No Recordable Injury or Loss Time Accident) for five (5) consecutive years. Captain Rich has also been recognized by Shell for responding to Shell Ursa Rig personnel when the engine in their rescue boat failed during a drill in January 2009. Callum Finlayson, Shell EPW Marine Manager, presented Captain Rich with a Shell-Swiss Army watch for his leadership in connection with that event.

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I am pleased to report that for the 3rd consecutive year, LWCC has recognized Harvey Gulf's safety and loss prevention efforts by making Harvey Gulf one of LWCC's Safest 70 Award recipients.
The award recognizes Harvey Gulf for achieving one of the 70 highest safety and loss prevention ratings out of LWCC's more than 22,000 insureds over the past five (5) years. When presenting the award, LWCC advised that Harvey Gulf placed first in its classification. This award is a great achievement and recognition of the efforts and dedication of our Safety Department, as well as each of our employees.

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The crew of the Harvey Provider has been recognized under Shell's HEROS program for their "truly heroic" actions responding to a "mayday" call and extinguishing a large fire on a (non-Shell) platform over a six-hour period in rough seas and high wind conditions.

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Attached, letter from Harry Lee—Marine Manager and a Shell duffle bag, is an award given by Shell Oil to John Keller, AB, on the Harvey Explorer.In December 2010, John notified the Captain of a fire at the Martin Midstream Dock in Galveston. A truck had backed into a light pole earlier that day and damaged the light pole timer. About 5:00 PM the timer engaged to put the light on, but it shorted out and caused the pole and grass to catch on fire. There were several empty tote tanks in the area. John alerted the Captain, Shell Logistics, and took the vessel fire extinguisher and put out the fire.

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Brice Bond with Shell presented Capt. Walt Windecker, Master of the Harvey LEGEND, with a Goal Zero Hero award for the outstanding job the vessel crew did while working with the Drill Ship Sterna Ice Max off of French Guyana over the past year. Captain Walt Windecker received a placard to be placed on the vessel recognizing the crew for their professionalism, leadership and working safely.

Chevron Tahiti Project Team leaders presented the crew of the Harvey Deep Sea a certificate of appreciation and a recognition of a job well done for working safely and completing the installation of the PS006 well jumper and associated subsea equipment. The entire operation went as planned and finished on time and incident free.